"Big Guys" are the biggest, baddest, meanest models in the Blood Bowl game. Though they are usually stronger, capable of inflicting and receiving more damage on the pitch, and less likely to be eliminated, they are correspondingly more expensive, and most are generally less agile, less intelligent, and less flexible.

As of the Blood Bowl Competition Rules v.6, the following big guys are currently avaialble for hiring by the various teams.

Beasts of Nurgle (Nurgle)

Chaos Ogres (Chaos Pact)

Kroxigors (Lizardmen)

Minotaurs (Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs and Chaos Pact)

Ogres (Humans, Ogres/Snotlings)

Rat Ogres (Skaven)

Chaos Trolls (Chaos Pact)

Treemen (Halflings, Wood Elfs)

Trolls (Goblins, Orcs)

Yhetis (Norse)

Warpstone Trolls (Underworld)

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